Bidets4sale, Inc. is pleased to introduce its new USA produced Toilet Bidet Adapter - The Bidlet®.    President John Atkinson explains the personal hygiene benefits of bidets and tells you why you should install one in every bathroom.
The Bidlet®  Toilet Bidet Adapter  is offered at a M.S.R.P.* of only $59.95,  or $179.85 for a TriPak - a set of three.    The Bidlet®  is manufactured right here in America, using parts produced overseas, and it is believed to be one of only two USA made Toilet Bidet Adapters, the other one having been available in the two largest home improvement retail outlets in the country, offered by both of them at prices as high as $119.95 each.
WHY A TRIPAK ?   As a Sales Rep in Bidets4sale, Inc.'s Sales Team you will need one Bidlet®  Toilet Bidet Adapter to demonstrate this sales opportunity to others.      You should install one in your Master Bathroom; and another in your Guest Bathroom  to conveniently allow others to see and use The Bidlet®.
You are invited to become an active member of Bidets4sale's Sales Team where you can sell the Bidlet® to friends, relatives and others and earn discounts or sales commissions as high as 66% off the M.S.R.P.*  You will be able to buy the Bidlet® Toilet Bidet Adapter at an effective net cost as low as $19.95
YES . . . $19.95
* M.S.R.P. as referred to throughout this website means "Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price". The M.S.R.P. is set at $59.95 at this time but Bidets4sale, Inc.  reserves the right to change the M.S.R.P. and any dollar figures referenced in this website at any time without notice.