When you purchase a Bidlet Toilet Bidet Adapter Tripak you become a Member of our Bidlet Sales Team. Through your Sales Center you can become eligible to earn commissions on future sales of The Bidlet
Sell a BidletTriPak at the M.S.R.P.* of $59.95 x 3 = $179.85 and your new Sales Center will be assigned a registration number to track your future sales and commissions.
Sell a second BidletTriPak and your Sales Center is activated.     You are then eligible to receive commissions on future sales by you and your Sales Team.
Upon your purchase of a BidletTriPak, you will be assigned a Sales Center positioned in the Sales Team directly below the Sales Rep that sold, and introduced you to, the Bidlet. This Sales Rep is your Sponsor and he will receive commissions on sales by you and your Sales Team.   You will complete a short Sales Center Application which your Sponsor will co-sign.
Having completed your application, sold your first BidletTriPak and sponsored your first Sales Team member,  your Sales Center will be assigned a registration number and you, as well as members of your Sales Team, will be on record so that future sales can be recorded and commissions can be paid.
If you own a Bidlet which you did not buy as part of a TriPak through a personal or other relationship with a registered Sales Rep, and you wish to become a Bidlet Sales Team member,  send us proof of purchase and we will sell you two more Bidlets at a special introductory price of $39.95 each.  Bidets4sale, Inc. will then provide you with a Sales Center Application which you should complete and return.   Bidets4sale, Inc. will appoint a registered Sales Rep as your Sponsor to assist you in your future promotion and sales of The Bidlet.   This Sponsor will be selected from the top three levels of The Bidlet Sales Team to ensure that you have someone knowledgeable in the program who can assist you in your sales efforts.
After your second BidletTripak sale, and remittance of your customer's completed Sales Center Application, your Sales Center will be activated and you will be credited with, and paid commissions on, future sales by your Sales Team.